Welcome to Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall


The earth with its swells .An open space is established facing to Ariake Sea.


Monument COSMIC VOLUME (the power of universe)which arranged lava and water expresses gratitude for contribution from all over Japan and for sufferers and hope for revival .


Rock Garden
Volcanic ashes or lavas by eruption of Fugendake are used for subgrade and embankment. Conglomerates in a stroll `lava way` in lawn and rocks which are scattered in hillock are very important elements displaying its characteristics.


Seminar Room
Maximum permissible for 90 persons with full of AV machines and tools abilities using for study and conference .


Multipurpose Room
You can use its space for various expositions .


Museum Shop
You can find various goods at Museum Shop .Not only books and sundries, but also goods of Memorial Hall characters as Disaster management goods or homemade pastries .


Museum Cafe
At Museum Cafe , You can enjoy our meals and beverages . We also provide sales for takeout , meals for groups .


Media Library
In a media library, we provide a various information such as archival footage of the eruption and materials, information and the location of nearby facilities such as observations, a variety of information of tourism and history of Shimabara Peninsula.


Shimabara Geo park information space
Screenings of promotional video to introduce the charm of Shimabara Peninsula Geopark and Introduction of wealth information about recommended itinerary and referral or individual geosites.


Digital Unzen disaster Memorial Hall
Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall provides comprehensive information about our Hall or disaster management on the Internet.


Reading Corner
This is a corner to introduce the book and the data about disaster, volcano and nature.